Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brooklyn and beyond

So! Helped man the House of Twelve table at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival yesterday. It was a cozy and genial show, with a steady turnout all day -- better than I expected, considering that other Brooklyn show was just a couple of weeks ago and the weather was absolutely terrible. Adam $uerte and J$n $#!#ead made for excellent company at our table, sales were steady, AsiaDog provided some fine catering...all in all, a fun day at a quality local show and a good way to wind up the year. I have a feeling it's going to grow into a fairly important venue for local indy creators like us, if for no other reason than the MoCCA festival seems to be committed to its descent into madness.

Last but not least, it gave us a timely opportunity to promote the hell out of Ho12's upcoming debut on Comixology's fantastic comics reader app for the iPhone/iPod touch, which you should download THIS INSTANT because it's FREE, dingaling! We'll have content available on the app starting in January. Speaking of which:

This charming fellow makes an appearance in the story I'm currently working on. He even has dialogue, sort of.

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