Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Fans Speak! and other novel occurrences

"Awesome"! "Incredibly well-written and fun"! "Very, very sexy"! These superlatives in praise of MonstaLand came my way in a lovely email from cartoonist Meagan Frappeia, herself no stranger to sexytime comics, as she is a contributor to the adults-only indy anthology Big Sexy. She gave me a nice little write-up on her Aw Shucks blog, where you may also find her Big Sexy story and other saucy goodies. Thanks again Meagan and keep on drawerin' the hot stuff!

Speaking of plugs, House of Twelve got a nice one from UK-based digital comics reviewer 3 Million Years. Thanks 3 Mil!

And speaking of Ho12, here's a teaser of the cover I just did for #3, coming soon via Comixology's "Comics" application to the iDevice of your choosing. This one features tales of avian mischief by Sam Henderson and Nick Jeffrey, along with stories by Miss Lasko-Gross and Darryl "Ayo" Braithwaite, so be vigilant for its arrival!

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