Friday, May 20, 2011

RIP Jeffrey Catherine Jones

I've been told now and then that certain aspects of my work are reminiscent of that of Jeffrey Catherine Jones, and while such a compliment is perhaps undeserved, I'm always delighted when the influence of this mercurial artist, illustrator and cartoonist has had on me is recognized; so I was deeply saddened to hear of her passing just today.

During her long and prolific career, she only rarely produced any painting or strip that wasn't less than masterful, and saturated with a unique sensitivity and wit. In spite of this, her life was not without its tribulations, and it has only been in the last decade when she appeared to have found true peace and contentment living as a fully-transgendered woman, living working happily in the Catskills. In recent years she was finally becoming more publicly active in the comics art community, and certainly deserved many, many more years of happiness and productivity, so this is indeed a tragedy in the truest sense.

Tom Spurgeon has written this fine obituary at his Comics Reporter blog. The art and ruminations of Jeffrey Catherine Jones can be seen at her web site.

In the meantime, below is a page of fond riffing/blatant thievery from some time back, inspired by Jones' classic strip for National Lampoon, Idyl. While not even close to a match for her carefully crafted wordplay and lush, sensuous illustration, I hope it at least serves as a statement of the delight and inspiration I have and will continue to derive from her work. Farewell, Catherine.

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  1. Thanks for this Dave. A fine and moving tribute. Cheers/JF