Monday, September 17, 2012

SPX 2012: the pile

Just returned from the Small Press Expo this weekend in Bethesda, and a grand time was had as always. I sold, traded or gave away all but a handful of the new Monstaland mini, so thanks to everybody who showed an interest in it! Now that I'm going through the stack of books I brought back with me, I thought I'd share some brief thoughts. First up: Important Comics vol. 2, by Baltimore artist Dina Kelberman.
Her strip is published in the Baltimore City Paper, and I first encountered her work at the Asbury Park Comic Con and was immediately taken with it. The first volume is called Important Comics Are Bad and the back cover blurb is a letter from a City Paper reader pleading with them to cancel the strip, so that pretty much sets the tone right there.
Unlike said reader I am completely charmed by her fearlessly slapdash style and quirky musings so I was very happy to have the opportunity to get more of her stuff at SPX. Kudos to Atomic Books for supporting great local artists like Dina!
She, was kind enough to sign my copy, and even here her gift for spontaneous, gently self-deprecating humor shines through. Thanks Dina! You can see more of Important Comics at Dina's website.

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